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Matteo Birolini
Head of SCM BL ICG
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Juliana Scombatti
Head of Supply Chain Management
ABB Brazil
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ETH Zurich’s Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management (MBA ETH SCM)

ETH Zurich's Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management (MBA ETH SCM) was launched in 2003, addressing the needs of the companies and executives for further education. The program combined academic excellence with practical relevance for global business success. The course will start in September every year.

Earn an advanced degree from one of the world's leading universities. Join a classroom community of business leaders selected from dozens of nations and industrial backgrounds. The MBA ETH SCM teaches the complex skills required to:

Master Business Operations in the Global Economy

Key Features are:

  • A unique combination of general management studies plus in-depth focus on international supply chain management
  • Executive level instruction to prepare for future leadership roles
  • A fully English-medium program - in the global business language
  • Part-time attendance on-campus in Zurich enables executives to remain on the job for the duration of the 18-month program
  • Core lectures are on-campus in Zurich, Switzerland, complemented by onsite study modules in Russia, the USA, and Asia
  • Regular VIP speakers, usually European executives, provide dialogues on current topics in their industries
  • A thesis project requires that learnings be applied to an actual problem in the student’s own company

For more detailed Program Contents, please see here

Prof. Stephan Wagner
Director of the Executive MBA
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MBA ETH SCM has been re-accredited by EPAS on May 2013